Why Should You Create a Clothing Line?

There is an overwhelming amount of advice about starting a clothing line out there.  It is hard to absorb all of it, let alone figure out where to begin. Then, if you look carefully at most of it, you realize that it is lacking real details and inspiration.  black dresses

So let’s back up a bit.  If you were able to start a clothing line and it ended up surpassing your expectations, how would that feel?  After the bills get paid, there are some universal needs for people to feel self-motivated, productive and happy.   A clothing line, if done right, can provide you all three.

Huge Benefits

1.  Autonomy:    You make the decisions about your tasks, your technique, your team, and your time.  For a creative soul, this kind of freedom helps keep you concentrating on deep ideas and doesn’t constrain you with a calendar or clock.  Your need to work comes from within, which is always more satisfying.

2.  Mastery:  Anytime that you find yourself unable (or unwilling) to stop working, you know that you are experiencing the joy of nearly mastering a challenge.  Mastery requires effort and engagement, and the perfect task is not too easy, nor too hard.  You want that feeling of flow as often as possible in your clothing business.

Will Shortz the Puzzle Guru adds, “Try to pick a profession in which you enjoy even the most mundane, tedious parts.  Then you will always be happy.”

3.  Purpose:  Have you thought about your clothing line as more than a fun way to make an income?  Do you have some sort of cause that is larger than yourself?  That will be an important key to make your clothing line stand apart from all the others.  More importantly, having a greater purpose for your clothing provides you greater motivation and satisfaction with your work.

Here is a great example of two young guys who have a clear purpose for their new clothing line:

Brothers hope to find fashion niche – Gustine Press-Standard

http://news.google.com<Wed, 03 Jul 2013 23:51:51 GMT

Brothers hope to find fashion nicheGustine Press-StandardThe Orestimba High graduates (Tyler in 2009, Wyatt in 2011), decided to start their own enterprise to satisfy their own aspirations……not to fulfill the expectations of those around them. Hence …

Now you need a the nuts and bolts…

How To Begin:  Learn From Others

This is the part that requires daily discipline and a detailed plan.  There is a lot to do!

  • set up a website
  • make a business plan
  • learn to blog
  • research shipping methods
  • design a good logo
  • figure a cost breakdown
  • decide about fulfillment services
  • learn tips for SEO and Google secrets
  • know how to use on and offline marketing tricks

You can find some straightforward and updated instructions in fuelfordesign.com.

Many people have started clothing lines.  Everyone from the rich and famous, to the unemployed parent, to the hard core music fan, to the artistic twelve year old next door.  As you know, not everyone succeeds.

Here is some wonderful advise from someone who has some experience in the matter:

Top 10 things to know when starting a clothing line – Clothing Labelsu

http://ezclothinglabels.comFri, 24 May 2013 04:01:46 GMT

Just start a clothing line By: Matt Martinez. You’re only one person (ideally) so don’t spread yourself too thin. My partner and I were also owners of a screen printing business. The idea being that we could greatly reduce the 

What Are Your Reasons?

Every single day we begin by making choices about what is in our own best interest.  We weigh the personal cost and benefits of sleeping an extra 10 minutes against having time for a second cup of coffee.  We weigh wearing the cute shoes against the comfortable ones.  Eating an apple or a muffin, etc.

Starting a clothing line is a big decision, and it can be a rewarding one in more important ways than money.  Take time to weigh your personal costs and benefits.  If you are looking for work that is a fun challenge that you can direct, and lets your creative voice contribute to a greater good, the potential benefits could be well worth your costs.  Committing your time, strong efforts, and some carefully invested money in order to become happy, motivated and productive are some of the best reasons for starting a clothing line!


Google Rolls Out Behavioral Targeting To All AdWords Advertisers

Google is finally rolling out the ability to target ads to users by interest — based on their previous browsing activity, or behavior — to all of its advertisers. The company first announced a beta test of this capability more than two years ago, back in 2009, and it has slowly been introducing it to larger groups over time. The company says the capabilities are available today.

The announcement marks Google’s full entrance into the world of behavioral targeting in AdWords.

The system looks at the types of pages that a user visits, considering how recently and frequently the person visits those sites, and associates that browser cookie with the appropriate interest categories. Users can view and edit the categories they’ve been associated at Google’s Ad Preferences page, and opt out entirely, if they so desire.

Advertisers can choose from over 1,000 interest categories. Google says advertisers testing the capability were successful, citing one advertiser increasing brand lift by 40% and a shoe railer driving 400% more conversions at a lower cost-per-sale. Pricing is on a cost-per-click model with an auction.

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Marketing Plans : How to Conduct Market Research

Conducting market research involves investigating a specific group for a specific reason. Find out how to conduct market research with tips from a marketing professional in this free video about creating a marketing plan. Expert: Peggy Morgan Collins Contact: www.powercurvecommunications.com Bio: Peggy Collins is a marketing executive with more than two decades in the media. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Is this the End of .com Era?

ICANN approval allows virtually any domain extension as a part of its expansion strategy, so now say welcome to anything.anything

Peter Dengate Thrush, who chairs the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), created a New History on Internet World. ICANN, which manages the Internet’s web addresses worldwide, at a meeting in Singapore, approved an expansion of the range of addresses available, so that website names will soon be able to end with anything from generic names such as  “.shop” to “.restaurant” to business brands like .INDSOFT. 

ICANN, until now, had only allowed 22 Domain extensions including “.com” and “.org”. Last year, “.com” had 89.2 million address registrations; “.net” had 13.5 million, and “.org” 8.3 million. All three were so-called “legacy domains” that were created in 1985 before the formation of ICANN. The next most popular domains were “.info” with 6 million registrations in 2010 and “.biz” with 2 million. But from 2012 ICANN will accept domain name requests for almost any word in any language starting  January 12, 2012  to April 31 2012. “But this won’t come cheap. Each extension right will cost a US$ 185,000 one-time application fee and a US$ 25,000 yearly fee,” according to Internet Expert Ritesh Kakkad of IndSoft.net

He also Added, “We feel .COM will still continue to be be KING of all Domain Name Extensions, always, because significant money has already been spent on ‘.com’ promotion and many giant Internet brands have already been created with .com extensions in last few years of Internet History.  But at the same time, we expect the Domain Name  market to grow by leaps and bounds because of increased opportunites and available options. Already our domain name promotion offer of .in and .co.in domain name extension are priced below US$ 1/PA. Such competition gives direct benefits to retail customers.”

Extended domain names could lead to lots of confusion, said Krishna Rawalo, Regional Head working with the financial advisory firm Netzcapital, “Currently we have a set of domain extensions that could be used for visiting websites and for email communication, But with unlimited domain names around, Communication via email and domain names could lead to a lot of confusion with less technical people like us”


About IndSoft.net :

IndSoft.net offers Domain Name Registration and Managed Dedicated server to consumers and corporate worldwide. Serving more than 25000+ Customers World Wide, IndSoft has achieved 13 consecutive years of sustained profitability and scalability.

PR Contact :

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City : Beaverton

State : OR. ZIP : 97006

Phone : +1- 201- 535 4471

Email : mktg at indsoft.net

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FTC’s Google Probe Moving Ahead, WSJ Reports

google-ftcThe seemingly inevitable antitrust investigation of Google appears to be taking another step forward, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the US Federal Trade Commission is “poised” to serve the company with subpoenas as part of a probe.

Google may receive the FTC demands within days, and other companies may get similar requests asking for information “about their dealings with Google,” the paper reports.

The investigation seems likely focused around Google’s search ads and whether Google has somehow exercised unfair dominance of that area. From the WSJ article:

The new inquiry, by contrast, will examine fundamental issues relating to Google’s core search-advertising business, said people familiar with the matter. The business is the source of most of Google’s revenue. The issues include whether Google — which accounts for around two-thirds of Internet searches in the U.S. and more abroad — unfairly channels users to its own growing network of services at the expense of rival providers.

This FTC investigation has been expected for some time amidst calls in Congress for an examination of Google’s business practices. There’s also interest at the state level, with Texas’ attorney general launching an investigation last year. Google also faces an antitrust investigation in Europe, as well.

Representatives from both Google and the FTC declined to talk to the WSJ about today’s report.

Also see our other post today, Googleopoly: The Definitive Guide To Antitrust Investigations Against Google. It covers the Texas and EU actions, along with many other related cases.

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